You've made it to camp, now we're going to help you make it to the top. First, say hello to your coaches! We’ve identified 2 aspects to tackle during this training. Under Skill tab your coaches will empower you with game techniques and Motivation tab is all you need to bring your A-game at all times.

How to Play the Flick Shot - By Virat
How to Play the Backfoot Punch - By Virat
The Art of Stumping - By MS Dhoni
The Art of Catching - By MS Dhoni
How to Play the Pull Shot - By Shreyas
How to Play the Reverse Sweep - By Rishabh
How to Tackle Spinners - By Rishabh
How to Play Late Cut - by Shreyas
How to Play Cover Drive - by Rishabh
How to Handle Pressure - by Rishabh
How to Cope with Expectations - By Rishabh
How to Handle Defeat - By Virat
What to do When You're Out of Form - By Virat
How to Build Stamina - By Shreyas
Stamina Is The Key To Wicket Keeping - By Rishabh
How to Build an Innings - by Shreyas
What to eat before match - by Rishabh
What to Eat in Between Innings - By Shreyas

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